Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your rankings with content marketing, topic clustering, and link building.

Did you know that 89% of B2B buyers and 81% of online shoppers go to Google to research the product or service way before making the final decision?

It is safe to say that in the current era if you are not ranked on Google, Google Maps and/or not present and engage in the Social Media you pretty much don’t exist.

No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Once SEO was easy: write a piece of content, optimize H tags, title, meta description, sprinkle some keywords and you are good to go. Over the year search engines evolved, and as they did Search Engine Optimization became harder and harder.

Today, with Google Maps, Google Ads, business directories, and big box names it is almost impossible to rank for popular one-word keywords. So, what should we do?

Let me begin by saying that every single business is different, and while some might struggle to rank, others will do very good in a very short period of time on Google.

All keywords aren’t equal

For example, keyword “Cars” vs “Custom made socks and ties”. Agree with me, that it will be almost impossible to rank well for the keyword “Cars” regardless of how much effort you are going to put into it. Can be a bit easier for the “Custom made socks and ties”.

The solution is Topic Clustering

To support this approach many marketers and SEOs started to implement a topic clustering approach. In topic clustering, each cluster consists of a pillar piece of content, which describes one big area of your business, and smaller pieces of content, which will talk about various sub-areas of your bigger cluster. The content is interlinked within the cluster and back to the pillar page. This helps Google to understand what the content is about and how it is structured.

With topic clustering, we concentrate not on specific keywords but on a topic as a whole.

Every time we implemented this approach for content restructuring we’ve seen a 15-25% increase in organic traffic in only 2-3 months. Ready to grow with us?