Does Pay Per Click Marketing fit your digital marketing strategy?

pay per click marketing vancouverGenerally speaking pay-per-click is a fast way to get traffic to your website. However, if poorly managed, can get you to the point where you spend huge funds without getting anything in return.
Search engines and social media networks allow advertisers to place listings along with organic results. The placement of these ads depends on the bid that was given for the listing. The higher the bid, the higher listing will appear along the non-paid ads. Once the potential visitor clicks on your ad he will be redirected to your web page. The PPC service (for example Google AdWords) will charge you for every click that was made. This is why it’s called Pay Per Click marketing.

PPC can be as good as dangerous for your marketing budget. The competition for specific keyword can cause you to bid higher and higher for desired keyword. The bid inflation is caused by other advertisers competing on the same keyword and by market itself.  While you expect to to get a quality leads from pay-per-click campaign, in many cases the traffic will be a low quality visitors which have no intention to engage with your business goals.

Despite the disadvantages, Pay Per Click marketing remains a very strong marketing tool. It allows to get traffic right away. It is easy for understanding and for evaluating.  While Search Engine Optimization can take weeks and months, PPC brings immediate well targeted results. The bids can be adjusted in real time and budget can be easily allocated between different keywords. In order to stay on budget conversion rates should be tracked at all times.

pay-per-click vancouver

How can we help?

Take advantage of current marketing possibilities and advertise your products and services.

  • We will limit the traffic geographically, by time of day or keyword in order to optimize the marketing expenses.
  • Well written ads will minimize the number of dead leads wasting your budget without conversion.
  • We monitor the ad performance in real time and make the required changes through the day as many times as required.