Facebook Advertising

Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has over 1 billion(!!!) users. Most of them use the popular social platform every day. They wake up with the Facebook application and go to bed with the phone in hands.

That’s why when we talk about Facebook advertising, we relate to one of the most powerful advertising tools available in Digital Marketing. Understanding how to leverage Facebook ads as a part of your digital marketing strategy is crucial for business success.

Facebook advertising is an affordable way to maximize conversion and a great way to build an audience and brand without going bankrupt.


What is Facebook Advertising about?

Facebook advertising is a marketing tool that allows us, marketers, to run various campaigns and target specific audiences. We can decide the placement of the ad (right column or news feed), as well whether we would like to show the ad on mobile devices.

By using Facebook advertising we can place the ads in the Instagram feed while targeting users by the same criteria as on Facebook. All the advertising data is collected and can be analyzed. One of the most important features in our point of view is that we can create engaged audiences and retarget them again and again. It allows us to increase brand awareness and improves product recognition.  

Facebook advertising makes it easy to target a country, province, city or just neighborhood. For example, we can decide that we want to target only people that live in downtown Vancouver.


Facebook Advertising benefits:

  • It is relatively cheap. To reach the same amount of people with TV advertising we need to spend 100 times more money.
  • We can target users by age, interests, location, gender, languages and more.
  • We can retarget people that visited our website or specific pages.
  • Facebook ads have a word-of-mouth effect since friends can see when your customer likes or shares your ad.
  • Any Facebook campaign will same time increase brand awareness.
  • Gain exposure for page posts.
  • Facebook ads is an easy and fast way to generate new leads with built-in Facebook forms.

Third Temple Digital’s specialty is Facebook advertising. We will work with you on building a marketing plan that is right for your business goals and product. We will set up, configure and run all the Facebook campaigns for you. We constantly monitor, analyze and suggest required changes in order to optimize the expenses. 

If you want to get into the world of Facebook advertising, but don’t know where to start, you should reach out to us now. We will be happy to provide you with everything you need.