This days internet sales play a significant role in business. As the number of internet users increases every day, many businesses decide to offer their products online in order to expend the business. Every business owner is looking to reach their goals and eCommerce development became one of most important tools.

Why do you have to get involved into eCommerce Development?

eCommerce development VancouvereCommerce allows businesses to sell online  and helps customers to find the products they need without leaving their homes. There are many advantages in eCommerce development that make both businessmen and customers comfortable with trading online. Today we can say that eCommerce changed the way of doing business. For example, 65% of people  more likely to buy the product after they watched  a video about it. It means that to cause our customers to buy our products we need to approach them online.  Average business income growth is about $13 Billion thanks to eCommerce. In addition more than half of all people prefer online marketing to traditional marketing.
Online store is open 24/7 365 days a week. No need in employees trying to sell the product and no bad customer service. As soon as the website developed considering UX (User Experience) and design preferences customers don’t need to worry about being late for opening hours. Managing online store is cost efficient since no rental or construction expenses involved. In most cases the website can manage the inventory as well, so the need in a separate logistic system disappears. You get the benefit of selling to the whole word and be paid in a fractions of second. The website can offer the information about the store and can answer many questions. Customers don’t have to contact customer service or store to get answers to general questions.
We are Vancouver based. We can assist you with creating  an online eCommerce website for any industry. We work together to identify the business operational needs, shipping and products variations, taxing configurations, weight based calculations and pricing. We can help you with data entry and store management and promotion. Contact us today!