Display advertising is one of the most flexible advertising tools available.  It allows us to target specific regions. This way we can make sure that the budget spent just on our target audience. Social media marketing and display advertising have similar goals,but different approach. In display advertising campaigns we show the ads to people who are searching for our brand or our keyword, while in social media marketing we mostly target people by their interests and behavioral trends.

Display Advertising VancouverThe ads pricing in display advertising is determined by various parameters, such as ad placement, ad size, number of times it has to run, bid per view or per click. Also the price may very depending on geographical targeting or demographics. In addition to location we can configure to show the ads just to people of specific age, income or education. It allows us to keep the budget low while improving ROI (Return On Investment) rates.

Why to pay more if you can use display advertising to target users with intent?The display ads have to be built and designed in a standard sizes. Most advertisers have an advertisement slots prepared for these sizes and will not agree to place your ads if they come not in a proper measurements. In some cases a usage of specific colours will cost more money to advertise. Also bigger ads will required a bigger budget.

  • We will help you to target users by age, location, education or employment.
  • We target users by keywords that they are searching on the web.
  • We serve your ads at the best times and in the right frequency.
  • We optimize the campaigns as we go in real time.

Once your campaign’s target market is defined, keywords researched executed and ads are ready, we can start showing your advertisement across the web.