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Third Temple Digital

We’re often asked why someone should hire us to do SEO for them when they can add keywords and create backlinks to their website themselves – it’s all there on Google, after all.

Our answer is: We do more. We don’t just try to stay one step ahead of search engine algorithms, we make sure your business stands out through expert services that go beyond simple tricks.

So what do we do?

Third Temple Digital is a leading SEO and Digital Marketing consulting company in Vancouver, and we focus on providing local businesses with affordable, effective and complete SEO services. That means we don’t just drop a few clever keywords into your blog:

  • We strategize and develop solid, effective social media marketing;
  • We create search engine optimized content that draws clients in;
  • We offer expert copywriting to bring your brand story to life;
  • We plan and create your digital marketing.

Think global

Optimization is pretty necessary for any business that’s hoping to make it in the digital marketplace – and with e-commerce becoming more and more people’s go-to choice every day, online business generation is critical if you want to succeed in business at all.

The potential is enormous – you could be a small start-up with two or three employees, selling a service to multinational clients across the globe, or a local artisan making products that are valued and in demand by collectors in far-flung places. It’s a matter of getting those clients to come to you – and that’s what we do.

Work local

At Third Temple Digital, we focus on businesses based in Vancouver and other areas in BC. We do this because we believe in local business. Vancouver is a rapidly growing economy and to compete on a global scale, local business needs strong, expert support from other local companies that want to see them succeed.

Because we prefer to only offer SEO in Vancouver, local businesses can trust us to understand their context, their story, and translate it into content and digital marketing that speaks to a global audience. We know where you’re coming from, and where you want to go. We think on a global scale, but tailor our services to local business.

Why Us?

When you engage us for your SEO services, you can expect an all-inclusive package-style approach. Why? Because effective SEO and digital marketing need a robust strategy. Everything we do complements the overall marketing strategy.

Is this right for me?

We know how you can grab your potential clients’ attention with intelligent, targeted social media marketing, hook them with well-written optimized content, engage them with an interesting and relatable brand story and reel them in.

Why we do what we do?

Our goal is to help BC businesses succeed on a global scale by offering knowledgeable, effective Vancouver-based SEO services. Whatever industry you’re in, our business is knowing how to promote your business and keep up with a digital world that’s growing every day.